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Monarch Butterfly


I noticed a while back no butterflys in Californa, I looked into it and found they were down by 90%.I started a butterfly nursery in my back yard.


An adult monarch female laying her eggs on milkweed leafs. The milkweed is the only plant that the caterpillars will eat.

These are monarch eggs on a milkweed leaf.They are about the size of a grain of sand
Hatched baby caterapillar and growing.


Caterpillars grown to full size on milkweed, they eat about 20 leafs during the caterpillar stage.


After the growing stage, they crawl off and hook up with a silk thred and jay up.


After a day or two, thy make a chrysatis or cacoon which is made from their outer skin. They stay in the chrysatis for about 2 weeks ,


At the end of the two weeks, their chrysatis gets clear and you can see the fully formed butterfly inside.


They split the chrysatis and crawl out, they are very wet and hang for a few hours to dry their wings.


This is the end result hanging on my Husbands tee shirt, a beautiful monarch butterfly.

I have found this to be very rewarding and a lovely lesson in natures creation.

                                                          Just wanted to share-Bonnie